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Portal UK Automatic Door Service & Maintenance Ltd have a huge range of automatic doors and parts. From swing door operators to sliding door gear fittings, we have all the parts you could possibly need.

  • How much traffic do you expect?

  • How large are your premises?

  • Do you want a low-energy door?

  • Do you need doors to open for you?


If you think you're missing any of the above invest in some automatic doors with Portal UK Automatic Door Serivice & Maintenance Ltd.


We offer a 24 month warranty on parts for the Portalp Diva, and 12 month warranty on parts for the Portalp Tina, Entrematic EMPSW250, Geze SL-NT.


All new products conform to industry standards BS EN 16005(12).

It is an employer's duty to safeguard the safety of employees and visitors. It is therefore critical to ensure your automatic doors operate safely and efficiently.


At Portal UK Systems Ltd our highly qualified engineers can repair automatic doors. We also provide automatic door maintenance contracts and service agreements.

Automatic doors for businesses across the UK

Is your business missing anything?

Automatic door repairs and maintenance

  • Sliding door operators

  • Swing door operators

  • Telescopic operators

  • Automatic door systems

  • Glazed barriers

  • AP door leaves

We sell a range of products including:

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