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automatic door systems

Portal UK Automatic Door Service & Maintenance Ltd specialise in the installation and maintenance of automatic door systems for businesses throughout the UK.


A convenient, aesthetically pleasing option to manual doors; automatic doors are a fantastic investment for any modern dynamic business.

  • Convenient, contact free access

  • Safe uncomplicated access

  • Disabled access

  • Energy efficient

  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing


We provide professional advice and can assist you in the design of automatic doors, by assessing its practicality. Call for a free survey and quote.

  • Portalp products

  • Portalp lumina system

  • Portalp G25 system

  • Portalp G38 system

  • Portalp full breakout system

  • Geze all glass system


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Automatic door systems

Benefits of an automatic door system:

Systems we install:

Our engineered automatic doors are suitable for internal and external applications such as offices, retail, shop fronts, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities.

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